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Colonialism and National Liberation in Zimbabwe (1890-1980)

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the arrows in the top left corner to see the legend menu. Show or hide different layers by selecting the relevant box. 


DESCRIPTION: This map details the political history of Zimbabwe, from settler arrival in 1890 through the end of the liberations struggle in 1980. It shows the routes and early settlements of white colonialists and the land appointment patterns based up gold deposits and farming conditions. Next, the map includes a number of layers related to the national liberation war between 1965 and 1980, focusing on the presence of ZANLA (ZANU PF) guerrilla fighters. These data are analyzed in an article published in Party Politics.

PERMISSION: Please do no use, copy, or cite without permission. 

SOURCES: Southern Rhodesia Statistical Office (1962). Martin, D. and Johnson, P. (1981). Cilliers, J. (1985). Moorcraft, P. (1990). Frederikse, J. (1982). Mazambani, I. (2016). Rhodesia and Nyasaland Federal Department of Trigonometrical and Topological Surveys (1956) accessed through University of Cape Town Digital Collection Library. Hume, M. (1978). Nelson, H. (1983). Bartholomew, D.S. at Geological Survey Office Harare Zimbabwe (1988) accessed through European Digital Archives of Soil Maps. UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (2018). 

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